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7 tech terms you need to know in 2022: NFTs, metaverse and more



7 tech terms you need to know in 2022: NFTs, metaverse and more

Do you notice that you are playing VR golf with your colleagues after a big virtual meeting or an NFT robbery On bored monkeys, the technology will take place in 2022 interesting for all of us. It is good that you are getting an education now.

If 2021 It’s been a year to learn about beautiful TV features like refresh rate, 2022 is the year to update sitting screens a lot closer to our faces. Whether we like it or not, technology companies like Sony, Meta and Apple are a big motivator for VR adoption both at work and in the game. So, yes, you need to know what “metavers” are. Besides, people like Eminem spend Ungodly money in JPEG files these may or may not be vehicles for cryptocurrency fraud, so you need to fight both blockchain and NFTs.

Of course, it will not be like 2022 at all Jetsons-esque utopia, you imagined as a child, but there is more to look forward to next year. Instead of retreating into the woods, take a few minutes to learn these terms to guide you through the months ahead.


Wouldn’t you love to have a virtual surf with Mark Zuckerberg?
Credit: Michael Nagl / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Last fall, Facebook hosted a dizzying live broadcast to show its vision for the future; a prospect that often involves costs a a lot Time to put on the Quest headset. Finally, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name of Facebook. Meta. Is this a way to distance Zuk’s future products and services from his perpetually noisy social network? Maybe. But that brings us to a technological term that we may hear more about in 2022 than anyone else: Metaverse.

Simply put, metavers are a stable virtual world where people can work, play and trade anywhere using a virtual reality headset, augmented reality glasses, a phone or other compatible device.

Proponents of Zuckerberg and other metavers (recently) Snoop spent $ 450,000 to “live” near Dog’s virtual palace) There are people who have adapted 3D avatars that can go from meeting in a virtual meeting room to surfing a virtual beach in a matter of seconds. Think about it: You can have a “private” conversation with your colleagues thousands of miles away, you can buy a digital t-shirt and you can only wear it on a meta-mer.

All of this has the potential to be a very lofty and ambitious and dystopian capitalist nightmare, as well as to revolutionize work and socialization. No matter what you think about Metavers, you can’t ignore it in 2022.

Virtual reality

A woman using Oculus Quest outdoors

Please do not use Quest 2 on the street.
Credit: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

You’ve almost heard about virtual reality, commonly known as VR, and there’s never been a better time to refresh your knowledge about it. However, if the metavers plan materializes, we can all spend more time in VR than we would like, especially if it becomes a regular part of the job. The virtual future you expect isn’t clear, is it?

In any case, VR is a general term for fully digital spaces where people can use special equipment such as Oculus Quest and Valve Index headsets to access. This is not the same as downloading and running a PlayStation Grand Theft Auto on your TV. These headsets use special lens technology, cameras and motion controllers to immerse you completely in their computer world and make things seem real even if they don’t exist. VR can be used for everything from shooting zombies to shooting and accessing decades-old versions of your camp through virtual escape rooms.

Or you can just use it to fly in an illegal, mem dangerous nightmare VR chat, A social networking VR app that will kill you instantly when you see a man in the 1800s.

Augmented reality

In Paris

Oh, they shouldn’t be there!
Credit: Chesnot / Getty Images

Another technology that is completely separate, but (in a way that will be understood later) fully related to VR – this is augmented reality or AR for short.

The idea of ​​expanding the truth has had a wave of serious science fiction in the 1970s, but in practice it is usually much more harmless.

Basically, AR is a way of locating and fixing digital objects in the real world. Of course not in fact appears in physical spaces, but so does your phone screen or AR glasses. Think back to the difficult days of summer 2016, when everyone in the world seemed weak Pokémon Go, A mobile game that puts Pikachu on the sidewalk in front of you? This is probably one of the most important uses of AR. The same goes for the silly effect filters you use on Snapchat.

Of course, AR has more potential. Interior decorators can use it Almost placing furniture in the room and until he actually arrives doctors can use To see the veins in someone’s hand, so they don’t miss the shot. But you can also have Pikachu on your table. This is also important.

Mixed truth

A woman who wears glasses of mixed truth

Do you remember when Tom Cruise did that? Well, now it’s really over.
Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images

As big technology improves its metavers (or metavers-neighbors) plans, the term “mixed reality” is thrown around from time to time. Yes, this is a term that is different from virtual reality and augmented reality, but once you understand both of these things, you can easily understand what mixed reality is.

The simplest way to think about mixed reality (abbreviated as XR) is to mix VR and AR. An XR device, for example Apple’s upcoming headset, It allows users to fully immerse themselves in the VR world, but also allows them to see a real-world environment surrounded by virtual objects on top of it if they wish.

And Apple itself According to reports, there are no metaversion ambitions, a real mixed reality headset provides virtual interaction in real spaces.

Maybe one day we’ll all wear XR glasses. Whether that is the case or not, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with this concept now.


Bitcoin mining operation in Russia

This is where Bitcoin came from.
Credit: Andrei Rudakov / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The next two terms we will know in 2022 – blockchain and NFTs – are closely related and you’ve heard about at least one of them many times.

The blockchain perennial concept and NFTs Exploded in 2021, however According to expertsYou can hear more about them this year.

without going deep technical aspects A blockchain (which requires thousands of words) can be understood as a virtual social book in which assets can be owned, traded and controlled by people with clear and malicious intent without any modification. It is decentralized, that is, it has no power over it. The same is true for decentralized virtual money cryptocurrencies, which use blockchain to facilitate and control transactions.


The art of NFT behind coins

Credit: Justin Tallis / AFP via Getty Images

This leads us to NFTs, or non-fungal tokens.

Think of NFT as a cryptocurrency unit that is completely unique to its owner, like a virtual collection baseball card. People spend money on NFTs in several forms, but most often the idea of ​​owning a piece of digital art has an unchanging receipt. For some, the goal is not to support the artist and appreciate the art. Rather, hopefully, over time, NFT will appreciate the price and sell back at a higher price.

Of course, since NFT doesn’t exist in the real world, anyone can save a piece of NFT art without having to spend thousands of dollars just to click the right button and sue them. The NFT world is also a good place scammers, who can sell stolen art, steal money and do all sorts of other wild things.

Audio without loss

Someone who enjoys vinyl records

Lossless audio is the closest thing to recreating the joy of vinyl.
Credit: Tempura / Getty Images

Let’s take a look at one more conventional thing from the world of suffocating VR spaces and ridiculous money on the internet: Listening to Music.

While this isn’t important to most normal people who want to upload a playlist running to Spotify, the audio quality of the stream has never been as good as listening to a hard copy of a vinyl album. Popular audio formats, such as MP3, compress songs to reduce file size, resulting in data loss and poor quality. “Lost” audio formats like FLAC recover that data and make the songs sound the way they sound.

A wave while offering a lossless option for a while Apple Music and Spotify announced plans to support it in 2021. So far, only Apple has kept that promise … Spotify not yet. Given that Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms More than 170 million paid subscribers (and the end-of-the-year Wrapped feature that dominates social media), if the HiFi service level launches this year, it could have the power to push audio to the mainstream without loss. Will it be expensive? Maybe, but it’s a price to pay for quality.

We understand that we have to accept all of the above: Business meetings in VR? Do people spend thousands of dollars on monkey jpeg formats in cartoons? Does Snoop Dogg own a virtual castle? This may not be your future the wantedbut this is your future have a in case. Take a deep breath and try not to spend a lot of money on crypto schemes and be safe there.

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Anti-vaccinators use Instagram Stories and link stickers to spread misinformation



Anti-vaccinators use Instagram Stories and link stickers to spread misinformation

How do anti-vaccinators fund their dangerous movement with so many online platforms that ban false information against vaccinations?

According to a new report, Instagram Stories is one of the main outlets Media issues.

The report found “dozens of examples of users” who have armed Facebook’s Stories feature to sell products, promote events and even redirect Instagram users to alternative social media platforms, where they can’t be banned.

This is a special feature that the Media Matters report focuses stickers”it spread to all users of Instagram late last year.

Link stickers allow users to add a link to a third party website to the Stories content. For years, Instagram has avoided allowing off-platform links, except for one link that allows users to add to their profile page. Link stickers eventually gave users this feature, as well as gave antivaxers a way to profit from their accounts.

On Instagram Terms of serviceThe platform will remove the ability to publish account stickers if they “repeatedly share things like hate speech and misinformation or other content that violates our Community Rules”.

However, because Instagram events are ephemeral, they disappear after 24 hours, and antivaxists, conspiracy theorists, and malicious users can spread malicious misinformation and links to their followers.

In addition, some anti-vaccinators who use these methods on Instagram are using backup accounts, which can only be temporary. Suspension, removal of features, or other penalties for violating Instagram policies may work with most bona fide users, but antivaxers do not work in good faith. Many are using the accounts created to avoid the ban, disseminate misinformation against vaccinations through Instagram Stories, and link the stickers as quickly as possible until the last Instagram account is closed.

Instagram has been battling antivaxes on its platform for many years. The company has taken some measures against misinformation about the vaccine, such as banning hashtags related to antivax, good nose even the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, Instagram continues to provide the most productive stuff anti-vaxxer agents in motion with the platform. The Instagram Stories and link stickers feature provides a lifeline for these users, even though Instagram has banned their main accounts.

The stories and link stickers used to spread misinformation about the vaccine are another example of how antivaxers use all the tools at their disposal to tell the story they want to tell, despite the truth.

UPDATE: January 27, 2022, 3:00 p.m. EST An Instagram spokeswoman told Mashable that the company had taken action against two prominent anti-waxes on its platform: Joseph Mercola and Sherry Tenpenny, both of whom were named in the Media Matters report. The full Instagram post is below: “We do not allow people to share posts or links that block vaccines or share incorrect information about COVID-19. We removed @ drtpenny_official for violating our rules, removed two posts from @ drmercola and hacked the #plandemic hash.”

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Thanks for attending the 2022 Mobile World Congress



(Source: Honorary)

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio

Chinese smartphone maker Honor Announced on Thursday, February 28, 2022 that it will again participate in the Mobile World Congress.

As the most influential exhibition in the field of mobile communications in the world, the 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC2022) will be held from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. A number of other major Chinese smartphone companies, including Huawei and XiaomiOnePlus, realme and OPPO have all confirmed their presence.

In addition, the Honor product launch is scheduled for February 28. According to the posters, new products from its Magic series will be released and internet users will think that it will be the Honor Magic4 series.

Previous models in this series include: Magic3, Magic3 Pro, Magic3 Pro + and Magic V. The Magic3 series is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, a multi-camera with a ring and an 89 ° hyper-surface screen.

The Honor Magic V is the company’s first foldable-screen smartphone equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, priced at 9,999 yuan ($ 1,571).

SEE ALSO: Honor Magic V: The first foldable smartphone to be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

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Zhipu Technologies finances A and A + rounds



(Source: Zhipu Technologies)

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio

Recently reported by Zhipu Technologies it secured several hundred million yuan in Round A and Round A + financing agreements. Round A was invested only by Chengwei Capital, while Round A was led by GL Ventures and then occupied by Chengwei Capital. These two rounds of funding will be used for future product research and market development in the spectrum industry.

Founded in 2018, Zhipu Technologies is a company focused on spectral vision. The company relies on state-of-the-art intelligent spectral imaging equipment and spectral vision analysis systems to help end users overcome previously impossible obstacles.

Today, the company’s spectral imaging products and services are successfully implemented in safety production and environmental protection, involving dozens of large enterprises and large parks. The team led the development of an industrial application standard issued by the China Chemical Safety Association and helped establish an early warning spectral video measurement and control mechanism.

The company’s founding team is from Nanjing University and Tsinghua University. Cao Xun, the company’s founder, has dedicated himself to computer photography for many years, and the first theoretical achievements of the PMVIS spectral video have been published in the most influential journals and conferences in the country and abroad.

SEE: WITINMEM chip company completes $ 32 million round B1 financing

Zhang Jian, the company’s founder and current CEO, said the company has also made progress in miniature spectral camera technology with the idea of ​​laying the foundations for consumer-class production, research, education, medical health and public safety.

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