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Addison Rae emailed Anna Wintour.



Addison Rae emailed Anna Wintour.

Addison Ray She hasn’t confirmed or denied attending this year’s Met Gala, but said she recently became an email friend. Anna Wintour.

The 20-year-old TikTok star said at the premiere of her film debut “He’s All That” at NeueHouse in Hollywood on Wednesday night, “I got an email from her and I was so surprised.” This is a gendered remake of Netflix. From “She’s All That” from 1999. “She just said thank you for what I sent. It was wild. I was trembling. We sent some emails. It was exciting.”

Rae hasn’t met Wintour yet. Perhaps they will meet face to face at the Met Gala on September 13th. Rae doesn’t say if she’ll be attending a fashion event, simply teasing him by saying, “There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on.”

Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae attend the premiere of Netflix’s “He’s All That” held at the Neuehouse in Los Angeles, California on August 25, 2021.
Michael Buckner of PMC

Fashionista’s guess People attending the Met Gala It’s been growing in recent days, with reports that influencers and content creators will have an unprecedented presence. A fake seating chart showing Rae sitting at the same table as Beyoncé went viral on Monday. The VIP event will be co-chaired by: Timothy Chalamet, Billie Eilish, poet Amanda Gorman and tennis star Naomi Osaka, with Tom Ford, Instagram representative Adam Moses And Wintour was named honorary co-chair.

The Costume Institute’s fundraising event, the Met Gala, is usually held on the first Monday in May. It was canceled last year due to the pandemic, but was postponed to September 2021. This year’s theme is ‘In America: A Lexicon’.

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Myra Molloy and Addison Rae attend the premiere of Netflix’s “He’s All That” held at the Neuehouse in Los Angeles, California on August 25, 2021.
Michael Buckner for PMC

Meanwhile, at the premiere of ‘All About Her’, the cast and crew defended the casting even though Ray had no acting experience. Tanner Buchanan) as the prom king. “She actually auditioned for us twice.” Producer Jennifer Gibbgot said. “She did it through Zoom, but we thought, ‘You have to do this yourself because your superiors will see it.’ She was tested for coronavirus and came to my living room and taped it.”

producer Andrew Panay “She did the job,” he added.

“She wanted it. She’s been wanting it for a long time,” Gibgot said. “It wasn’t like someone was saying, ‘Oh, we’re a TikTok star, so let’s throw it in a movie’. This is what she always wanted and worked for. she used [TikTok] to get what she wants. What’s the matter?”

Rae also helped secure her friends. Courtney Kardashian To appear as a social media supporter of Rae’s character in the film. Gibgot said reality stars worked for scale. “She did it casually,” she said. “She just came to play.”

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James Gunn confirmed the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy team



James Gunn confirmed this Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 We will see this version of the team for the last time.

When James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy The fall, fans, spectators and critics completely flew away with it. The film was generally successful and a sequel was developed. To be continued, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Although well-received and generally lower than its predecessor, Marvel Cinematic Universe is considered one of the best sequels. The third film was being developed, but was suspended due to the director’s temporary dismissal.

Since the film went into production, James Gunn has ridiculed it as part of the franchise. Many thought it would be the director’s final project for MCU and that this would be the last time we would see this version of the team. Although his future at Marvel is currently in the shadows, he has confirmed that the latter is true.

Speaking to Deadline, James Gunn said it would be the last time we would see this Guards team, calling the upcoming film big and dark:

“It’s the end for us, it’s the last time people will see this group of guards,” he said. It’s big; it’s so big and dark and different than people expected. I just want to be honest with the characters, the story, and give people the results they deserve for the story. It’s always a little scary; I’m doing my best. ”

Screenplay and directed by James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Karen Gillan, Pom Clementieff, Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone, Will Poulter and Chuckwood Iwuji.

The film will be shown in cinemas on May 5, 2023. Stay tuned for the latest news from the upcoming movie sign up for To Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for original video content.

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Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Diana, Lucille Ball



Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Diana, Lucille Ball

Nicole Kidman (“Being Ricardos”) and Kristen Stewart (“Spencer”) sit down for a virtual chat. VarietyActors on Actors by Amazon Studios. Click here for more information.

Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart both explored iconography on screen and played with their own images. In “Being the Ricardos,” Kidman takes on her Lucille Ball, portraying her as Lucy Ricardo on her TV and creative force on the set of “I Love Lucy”. It’s a role reminiscent of Kidman himself, whose resilience and fighting spirit have been at the pinnacle of his career for decades. And in “Spencer,” Stewart plays Princess Diana during three turbulent days with the British royal family. Her work taps into Stuart’s charm and strength, while revealing aspects of an actress we’ve never seen before.

Nicole Kidman: We were supposed to work together a few years ago [on “Panic Room”]?

Kristen Stewart: I was 10 years old.

Kidman: I remember David Fincher saying, “Oh my gosh, we found the most amazing actress.” Then she got hurt and she eventually stopped her from being your mother.

Stewart: We rehearsed for several weeks. I have vivid memories of it because the way you treat children speaks volumes. I felt like I had sprouted with you. It was two or three weeks, but I always thought “she was one of my friends”. They gave me a walkie-talkie for Christmas.

Kidman: Here we are hanging there decades later. And you are wonderful. Fincher was right, as always. If you’d like to be able to actually ask questions about what motivated you to do “Spencer” and about your entire career since the age of 10, please tell us about it. You could easily say no to “Spencer”, but you didn’t. why?

Stewart: This wasn’t something I was overthinking. Because as soon as you start to isolate this, it’s easy to find reasons not to do it. The way Pablo Larraín presented the idea to me was for us to get to know her version of a really selfish path, a really desire-based path, and push it into 3 days and unleash this woman’s ideas. But really try and don’t do it right.

So he said: “You can’t be wrong. Basically, you can’t mess this up.”

Kidman: And he was right.

Stewart: I said, “This guy has a good voice and he’s talking to me. And he said it’s a good idea and he believes in me.” If you’re still going to be an actor, you have to do this, or you just have to quit.

Was Lucille Ball the person you watched as you grew up? What made her approach her?

Kidman: I knew Lucy and the “I Love Lucy” show, but when I read the script, I had no idea about her story and her journey, and it had to do with some. It was a game worth playing. Then a flood of fear came and said, “No, what have I done?” I do what I do a lot in my life, and then I keep pushing.

Stewart: I know the voice because I grew up watching “I Love Lucy.” The sound coming out of her mouth was so unrealistic. She has a less rehearsed version of that voice when she’s just a human.

Kidman: smoking. She is a heavy smoker. I am not That was the big key. I started smoking. I know you shouldn’t say it. And the moment I hung up, I hung up.

Stewart: thank God. Were you nervous because it was funny?

Kidman: I was nervous enough to try to get her voice. Lucy has a rhythm. I will lean her body on the sound and it will slowly wash away with my mouth, my body, my brain and my spirit. Suddenly she was there. she just showed up. It wasn’t hard at the time, but the work needed to be effortless was climbing the mountain.

Stewart: exactly. It’s been so long I can’t even hear it. I can speak English with an accent, but it’s something. you are never you At some point I let go. Perhaps she showed up a week before we started filming and I could relate enough. She became a kind of friend. You make the best impression on your best friend. At the last hour I was lucky enough to get it or whatever I had.

Kidman: Yes – give up and say “Gee, I hope she shows up.” She learned by watching her interviews. “Oh, I totally agree. I was in that position.” She had an arrangement between her and me. Aaron [Sorkin] I’d just sit there and say “Um-Hmm”. And I said, “Oh, so he cast me.”

But Javier [Bardem] We were rehearsing like that, so we did Zoom together. We surprised each other so we didn’t help each other. At one point we insisted on putting off the movie. And Aaron said, “Hey, you can do it.” My entire career is just – don’t overthink it.

Stewart: Looking at his career, he said, ‘I can understand the logic to some extent, but there is an emotional line that I know somehow, and that’s the best way to get to know an actor.

Kidman: I don’t know myself, but I’m glad you got to know me.

Stewart: This is my version. It may not be accurate, but it is still there. You have chosen such a wonderful movie forever. Did you make a concerted effort not to do what you expected?

Kidman: Experience is ultimately what we live and die for. The people you choose to sort by. I am fascinated by humans. I am fascinated by what it means to be alive. I’m fascinated by what it means to die. I am fascinated by all the big philosophical questions that revolve around us. So I mainly look for filmmakers who explore it.

I also circled the lighter rates. “Moulin Rouge!” – It was very difficult, but I wanted to tell a love story. “Please, let me be creative with my love story.”

Stewart: I saw the movie in the theater with my mom. I was so obsessed with that movie. I knew every word on that one incredibly long track.

Kidman: “Elephant Love Medley”.

Stewart: Every word probably still is. It was such a beautiful movie.

Kidman: I went to ‘Twilight’ and saw it. We were seated in a theater in Nashville. What do you think about it? you shine You were born with that charisma. How do I deal with it?

Stewart: It’s fun. It is the experience you are experiencing compared to what others are experiencing. I was 17 when I started the movie and I was just a bit of an inside out person. I walked around bleeding all over my body. At what age did you start acting in movies?

Kidman: I was 14 years old. I remember Anthony Minghella telling me, “You have no skin.” I think that’s what you are explaining. Vulnerability, exposure, everything you’re going through is for consumption. You’ve been through it on a much larger scale than me, but I can’t believe I’m actually going through it.

Stewart: As you get older, you sometimes feel like you’re protecting yourself. You have a little less skin, find the right project, and find different paths to approach your emotions. I used to use anxiety. Now I know that I am working harder than when I was younger. Having no skin worked for a while, but now I have to build something instead of defending all the balls and being completely dependent on my environment.

Kidman: You pointed out one thing I want to ask you. But right now: Directors you are drawn to, why are you drawn to them?

Stewart: It obviously starts with the work they create, but I can work with artists who don’t necessarily need a library of work to convince you of. Sometimes it’s the temperature of the room and literally the tone of their voice. It’s worth jumping into people who feel you have access to something. You have to give your job a chance. Even if it didn’t come out, the stone had to be turned over. I had to make sure it was worth it.

Kidman: I like the idea of ​​not obsessing over how it will be. I did a movie called “Birth” with Jonathan Glaser and I thought, “Oh my gosh, people would love this.” I remember being in Venice. People said, “I’m not sure about the bathtub scene.” But he’s a great coach, and he’s found a way after that. Work finds a way. They have their own life and path. Now it’s very immediate. “Success?” I really resist it. I dig my heels and will continue to dig my heels about it for the rest of my life. It’s about a long journey artistically.

Stewart: I also love to watch imperfect movies. You see this strange, messy, awkward alchemy come together. It’s not perfect, but it feels something.

Kidman: Do you want to supervise?

Stewart: Too bad.

Kidman: Wow.

Stewart: I adapted the memoir of a novelist named Lidia Yuknavitch, and we have just casted the lead role of a monumental relief. I was alone in this vacuum and it’s really nice to give something to someone, a friend, or a partner and say “Help me”. She’s the one to do it and it’s really hard. So I crossed the moon.

Kidman: You are not too scared. When do you start?

Stewart: It is in progress. I spoke to a rich guy two days ago and she seems excited about the prospect, but I want it to be small. I think it’s really the best version. The frozen water I’m about to throw this woman into, I’m already terrible. Inviting someone to this special occasion is a really great request. I think you’ll like it. The writing is too physical, too intense, and very feminine.

Kidman: Do I have a role? I’ve always loved the idea of ​​moving to places you’ve never been and supporting people moving to places you’ve never been. I’m not asking for a cast in a movie, it’s a way of saying, “Support is always there because that’s what we have to do.” Otherwise, you’re in a sparse place that isn’t fun or creative. He continued, “I am a working actor. If you tell me where to go and what to do, I will follow you.”

I recently had that conversation with a director I work with. “You are the leader. I am follower. you are my mother I know I am older than you, but you have to be a parent.” Because I cannot come in and rule. I am open and ready for you, and I want to be there.

Stewart: It’s the best feeling. I’m sure there can be some jaw-dropping menacing elements at times. And you say, “No, this is your show. Please tell me.” And that’s when you thrive.

Kidman: I am shaken by my convictions. Just do it. I’m most comfortable when someone says “follow me here”. So I will never instruct.

Stewart: really?

Kidman: Nope. It’s terrible. I have no decision-making power. I’ve been working since I was very young and it’s been decades now. I am connected in a certain way. That’s why it’s a good idea to do it now, as it won’t be fully wired in one area.

Stewart: The wiring is very chaotic. Nothing feels like a rehearsal or planned. It’s easy to follow, but it’s like a whip. Try and don’t decide. We love to see you don’t make it.

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DGA Award Nominees: Jane Campion, Denis Villeneuve among nominees



DGA Award Nominees: Jane Campion, Denis Villeneuve among nominees

After numerous awards announcements, including the ACE Eddies, Producers Guild and Writers Guild of America Awards, the prestigious Directors Guild of America Awards has finally decided on its own nominations to recognize a director’s achievements.

In the film category, the group includes Kenneth Branagh on “Belfast” (Focus Features), Jane Campion on “The Power of the Dog” (Netflix), Paul Thomas Anderson on “Licorice Pizza” (MGM/United Artists Releasing), and “West Side Story” Steven Spielberg on “(20th Century Studios) and Denis Villeneuve on “Dune” (Warner Bros).

Joel Coen (“Macbeth’s Tragedy”), Adam McKay (“Don’t Look For It”), Cyan Heather (“CODA”), Guillermo del Toro (“Nightmare Alley”), and Ryusuke Hamaguchi (“Drive My Car”).

Campion is the second woman to nod for the second time from the Directors Guild. Her first film was almost 20 years ago with “The Piano” (1993), making her the second woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. Campion and “The Piano” eventually lost to Steven Spielberg on “Schindler’s List”.

Campion joins a small list of 11 women nominated by the DGA as manager. Two women were recognized last year, along with Emerald Fennell (“a promising young woman”) and Chloé Zhao (“nomadland”). The latter became the only woman to win an Academy Award, winning a DGA Award and eventually an Oscar. Other female directors recognized by the Directors Guild include Lina Wertmüller (“Seven Beauties”), Randa Haines (“Children of a Little God”), Barbra Streisand (“The Prince of the Tide”), Jane Campion (“Piano”), and Sofia Coppola (“). Lost in Translation”), Valerie Faris (co-director with Jonathan Dayton, co-director of “Little Miss Sunshine”), Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty”) and Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”).

DGA traditionally represents the top five contenders in the best photography competition. In the extended era of Best Picture, only one DGA nominee was nominated for Best Picture: David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011). DGA’s winners of the past decade have overtaken Sam Mendes (“1917”) for Best Director at the Oscars, with the exception of Bong Joon-ho (“Parasite”) and Ian (“Life of the Life”). Pi”) beats Oscar-winning Ben Affleck (“Argo”).

The first feature film director category, introduced in 2015, had many nominations for Best of the Year, but the two film categories did not overlap, resulting in the first six nominations. Netflix includes Maggie Gyllenhaal (“The Lost Daughter”), Rebecca Hall (“Passing”), Tatiana Huezo (“Prayers for Stolen”), Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Tick, Tick … Arm!”). The other two positions went to Michael Sarnoski for “Pig” and Emma Seligman for “Shiva Baby”.

The first-ever Best Director Award Winners include Darius Mother (“The Sound of Metal”), Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”), Garth Davis (“The Lion”), Jordan Peele (“Get Out”), and Beau Burnham (“8th Grade”). ”) and Alma Har’el (“Honey Boy”) and Peele were nominated for an Oscar. Burnham is best known for beating Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”) on the DGA. Bradley Cooper was the first Director and Best Director for a Feature. It was nominated, but ultimately nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.

Seven women were nominated for the first ever director nominations: Radha Blank (“The 40-Year-Old Version”), Regina King (“A Night in Miami”) and Mariel Heller (“A Teenage Girl’s Diary”). , Kelly Fremon Craig (“The Edge of Seventeen”), Mati Diop (“Atlantics”), Melina Matsoukas (“Queen & Slim”), and the aforementioned Har’el.

Directors Guild has previously announced nominations for documentary feature films and TV series. Four of the five Oscar-nominated documentaries were “Ascension” (Paramount Plus), “Attica” (Showtime), “The Rescue” (National Geographic), “Summer of Soul” (…)” (Searchlight Pictures) /hulu). “Exterminate All the Brutes” (HBO) was nominated by the DGA, but was not submitted for an Oscar.

Here is the full list of candidates:

Outstanding achievements in feature films for theatrical use

  • Paul Thomas Anderson (“Licorice Pizza”)
    (Released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures/United Artist)
    Anderson’s Board of Directors:
    • Unit Production Manager: Sue McNamara
    • 1st Assistant Director: Adam Somner
    • Second Assistant Director: Trevor Tavares
    • Second Assistant Directors: Kasia Trojak, Bob Riley, David Marnell
  • Kenneth Branagh (“Belfast”)
  • Jane Campion (“The Power of the Dog”)
  • Steven Spielberg (‘West Side Story’)
    (20th Century Studio)
    Spielberg’s coaching team:
    • Unit Production Manager: Carla Raij, Daniel Lupi
    • 1st Assistant Director: Adam Somner
    • Second Assistant Director: Jeremy Marks
    • Auxiliary Unit Production Manager: Robert T. Strem
    • Second Assistant Director: Josh Muzaffer
    • Additional Assistant Deputy Director: Billy Brennan
    • Location Managers: Robert T. Strem, Katherine Delaney
  • Denis Villeneuve (“The Dunes”)
    (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    Villeneuve’s coaching team:
    • Unit Production Managers: Joe Caracciolo, Jr., James Grant
    • Article 1 Director: Chris Carreras
    • Second Assistant Director: Tom Rye

Exceptional achievements of the first feature film director

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal (“Lost Daughter”)
  • Rebecca Hall (“Passing”)
  • Tatiana Huezo (Prayer for the Stolen)
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Tick, tick… boom!
    Miranda’s coaching team:
    • Unit Production Manager: Deb Dyer
    • 1st Assistant Director: Mariela Comitini
    • Second Assistant Director: Josh A. Muzaffer, Luca Waldman
    • Second Assistant Director: Melissa Morphet, Lincoln Major
    • Additional Secondary Assistant Director: Zach Citarella
    • Location Manager: Ryan Smith
  • Michael Sarnosky (“Pig”)
  • Emma Seligman (“Shiva Baby”)

This year’s DGA Awards ceremony will take place on March 12, with more details to be revealed at the awards ceremony. At the ceremony, Spike Lee will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

2022 Academy Awards Predictions

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