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Disney Plus Series Hawkeye Spinoff in the Works



Hawkeye Spin-off

Hollywood news portal Variety reports that Disney is already thinking about a spin-off to Hawkeye. The alleged spin-off will center around the new character Echo. She is a deaf Native American hero who will be played by Alaqua Cox in the original Hawkeye series.

As Variety reports, the official representatives at Disney refused to comment on these rumors.

Who is Echo?

Echo, whose real identity is Maya Lopez, has the power to precisely duplicate another person’s behavior or combat style. This renders her a fearsome fighter. Echo gets features in Marvel comics alongside heroes such as Daredevil, Moon Knight, and The Avengers.

The Hawkeye show will be Alaqua Cox’s on-screen debut. After the events of “Avengers: Endgame” is where the series picks up. Renner will appear alongside Hailee Steinfeld in “Hawkeye,” to return to his role as hero archer from The Avengers.

It looks like that Marvel is planning on sticking around Disney Plus for a while. Their first release WandaVision was an instant success. Just release, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is gathering positive reviews around the media. We will have Loki later this year and Hawkeye joining the fun too.

It looks to be a good year for anyone who is a fan of Marvel and their movies.


Hulu, Tribeca documentary’The State of Texas vs. Melissa’ argument



Hulu, Tribeca documentary'The State of Texas vs.  Melissa' argument

Hulu featured in a timely documentary by Sabrina Van Tassel named Tribeca in 2020 “The State of Texas vs. It has won US streaming rights for “Melissa” and has received many acclaim, including the Raindance Best Documentary Award.

Hulu acquired a documentary representing theatrical and digital rights to North American, British, and Irish films from FilmRise.

“The State of Texas vs. Melissa” is set to premiere in North America this year at Tribeca. The festival re-invited the film with other titles selected in 2020.

The French premiere takes place at the Deauville American Film Festival. Alba Films will release a documentary in France on September 29 following Deauville.

In addition to Tribeca, Raindance, and Deauville, it has been selected in more than 20 festivals including Cinequest, Golden Gate Film Festival, DocLondon, Fipadoc, Frigra, Madrid Human Rights Film Fest, and more. It has also won awards at Madrid, DocLondon and Golden Gate Film Festivals.

Located in the heart of South Texas’ Latino community, the film explores the life and trials of Melissa Lucio, the first Hispanic woman to be sentenced to death in the state of Texas, which has executed the most executions in the United States since 1976. The accusation of the abuse and subsequent death of a two-year-old daughter has been sentenced to death for 13 years. The film shows how the system has been superimposed on Lucio, from court-appointed attorneys who did not present specific evidence to district attorneys sentenced to 13 years in prison for bribery and corruption.

Lucio’s conviction was overturned by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in July 2019, but Texas immediately appealed the verdict. And in February, the Court of Appeals canceled the approval of relief in 2019 by 10-7, and now there is hope for an exemption in the U.S. Supreme Court, which accounts for only 1% of all cases. Lucio can receive an execution date at any time.

“When I started the movie, I knew it was a timely piece. Now every choice, every article is an opportunity to make a sound about her case,” said Van Tassel. The film director, who quoted Ava DuVernay’s work as inspiration, especially “When They See Us”, “is the best example of how art can bring awareness, make a difference, and make a decisive impact.

In recent months, “The State of Texas vs. Melissa” has gained support from American philanthropists and social justice activists. These include Jason Flom, founder of Lava Records, the Innocence Project director and creator of the podcast Wrongful Conviction. Flom invited Van Tassel to his podcast on June 2.

Flom said Variety “Melissa Lucio’s terrible case is a terrible example of just how much our criminal law system really broke down.”

“She was the victim of an evil and corrupt prosecutor currently serving in federal prison. Attorneys who are incompetent and likely to compromise; Junk science; And best of all-it’s a society where the odds for her build up from birth,” Flom said.

Quoting New York-based philanthropists Cameron Todd Willingham and Robert Pruett, “Texas has a long and tortured history of executing innocent people. And a tragic end.”

“The State of Texas vs. Melissa” launches today (April 15th) at Hulu. Produced by Vito Films and co-produced by Tahli Films with Andaman Films.

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Netflix Unveils Seven New Movies And TV Originals In Spain



Netflix Unveils Seven New Movies And TV Originals In Spain

In one of the increasingly regular presentations, Netflix Spain on Thursday unveiled seven new projects, including “If Only”, a Spanish version of the original Netflix Turkish that was canceled before being filmed by Turkish authorities.

With Netflix hosting a presentation early in the year and announcing its ambitions for the next 12 months, the platform’s original Spanish programming pipeline has grown enough to hint that Thursday’s showcase will only cover the next few months and come out late. 2021.

In both production level and volume, Netflix is ​​one of the most important investors of the original Spanish series and movies, confirming Netflix as it expands to include more of the leading Spanish producers. The new Netflix original is being produced by Nostromo, the producer of the current full-time partner “The Minions of Midas.” “Elite” producer Zeta Studios; “Money Heist” and “Sky Rojo” producers Vancouver Media; And there’s Bambu Producciones, producer of Netflix’s first original series “Cable Girls” in Spain.

“As you know, our goal is to bring the best original entertainment to our members’ homes so that they can discover and enjoy a variety of services,” said Diego Avalos, Netflix’s VP of Original Content.

He added: “We are proud to work with great domestic and international creators and are eager to work with new partners. On Netflix, we will continue to support Spanish novels of existing and yet undiscovered talent, which will continue to grow and remain a global benchmark. “

In particular, Netflix continues to reinforce reality by releasing two new titles behind the couple elimination game shows “Amor con fianza” (“Guaranteed Love”) and “Georgina” on honesty. The story of the mother and girlfriend of models, Influencer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. In the first three years in Spain, Streamer focused solely on the creation of the script, but increasingly expanded into other formats to provide content to all types of subscribers.

The new work will appeal to the core YA audience, including the extensive fantasy romantic comedy film’Eres tú’ and the action thriller’Baruca’, unfolding chaotic nights in the spirit and prison.

Netflix has already shared updates for several projects that have been announced and has returned the original.

The musical series “Era Seuna Bez… Pero Yano”, starring the highly anticipated stars of “House of Flowers” producer Manolo Caro, started shooting on April 5th. Caro has proven to be a leader in the creation of Spanish content across the Atlantic. Midas’ touch on programming across the historically difficult borders between Spain and Latin America.

Spanish genre master Oriol Paulo (‘Mirage”The Invisible Guest’)’s new mini-series’El Inocente’ teaser will feature this year’s Spanish Academy Goya Best Actor Mario Casas Winner (‘Cross the Line’), Aura Garrido (“The Ministry of Time”), Alexandra Jiménez (“The Distances”), Jose Coronado (“No habrá paz para los malvados”). The series will be unveiled worldwide on April 30th.

Also, the second and final season of the superhero comedy series’The Neighbor’ starring Quim Gutierrez (‘DarkBlueAlmost Black’), Clara Lago (‘A Spanish Affair’), and Fran Perea (‘The Last Circus’) is scheduled. Was announced. It will be released on the platform on May 21st.

The final release date of “Murder by the Coast”, a documentary about the Wanninkhof-Carabantes case, was announced, 20 years after the terrible murders shocked the world. The series will be released worldwide on April 23rd.

Streamer unveiled a total of three new series, two films, and a pair of reality programs this day.


“Intimidad” (“Intimacy”)

Best Actresses of the Year Patricia López Arnaiz (“Ane Is Missing”), Itziar Ituño (“Money Heist”), 2nd Goya Winner Emma Suárez (” Julieta,” “The Dog in the Manger”), Verónica Echegui (“Trust”) , Ana Wagener (“Biutiful”), “Intimidad” begins with a politician’s sex tape leak and focuses on the aftermath and its impact on four women, close to a political scandal.

“Bar Luca”

Produced by Verónica Fernández (“Hache”) and Laura Sarmiento (“La Zona”), this action thriller is just one night while criminals surround the Monte Baruca spirit and jail, unlocking 6 episodes, blocking all lines of communication, and being a dangerous serial killer. One of the inmates is released. While succumbing to the group’s demands is likely to end the siege, prison chief Hugo recruits and rejects several inmates to join his limited security forces and form a defense against intrusion. Directed by Alberto Ammann (“Narcos”) and Luis Callejo (“Patient Man’s Wrath”) star, Óscar Pedraza (“Patria”, “Sky Rojo”).

“Si lo hubiera sabido” (“If Only”)

Currently set in Spain, the series is a Spanish modification of the original Turkish script written by renowned Turkish screenwriter Ece Yörenç for the Turkish Netflix original, which has been denied permission to film by the Turkish Ministry of Culture. The reason, Yórenç says, is the presence of gay characters in the series. Now run by Spanish screenwriter, playwright and actor Irma Correa, this female-focused second chance drama features 30-year-old Emma, ​​who has been unfortunately married to Nano over the past decade. She realized that if she could turn the clock back, she wouldn’t have married him in the first place. Suddenly back in 2008, with her 30-year-old mind trapped in her 20-year-old body, she has a chance to look back on who she was and want to be, knowing who she was and what will happen in the next 10 years.


“A través de mi Ventana”

Filming is already in progress with this feature of Ariana Godoy’s eponymous bestselling novel produced by Nostromo Pictures. Godoy started telling her story on Wattpad, and it was successful overnight. In the film, Raquel, despite having never spoken to the man, desperately falls in love with his neighbor Ares and makes plans to win his affection. In 2012, the feature film’Animals’ was directed by Marsal Pores, who played an active part in the San Sebastian competition.

“Eres tú”

Once again stubborn with a trusted partner of “elite” producer Zeta Studios, this romantic comedy turns Javier on the milestone of her first kiss at age 16. He realized that whenever he kissed a woman for the first time, he could see his romantic future. Time. A blessing and a curse, things turn out to be weird when he accidentally kisses his best friend’s girlfriend.


“Amor con fianza” (“Guaranteed Love”)

Recent reality shows such as “Nailed It: Spain” and “Sing On Spain” and the upcoming dating show “Insiders” have had great success with the hype of “Too Hot to Handle” – Netflix superstar singer Mónica Naranjo. Hosted and produced by Fremantle,’Amor con fianza’ returns to the script-free well. In this show, six couples are kicked out to exotic locations, use lie detection techniques to test their seemingly solid relationship, and the most honest couples are left last.


Netflix introduces Superstar Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur, Dancer, and mother Ge Orgina Rodriguez in a detailed and emotional look beyond photos and public relations with superstar boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. The series proposes to discover Georgi or Rodriguez, born in Argentina and raised in Spain. It’s something you couldn’t see on social media or headlines before.

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Netflix’s Spanish’If Only’ classification: Ece Yörenç, Irma Correa



Netflix's Spanish'If Only' classification: Ece Yörenç, Irma Correa

In July 2020, Netflix canceled production of the Turkish series “If Only” after Turkish authorities refused permission to film the day before production.

Ece Yörenç, creator and screenwriter of the original series, the framework of the controversy, said: Financial Times, Existed in the script of the character being gay. Netflix and Yörenç made a joint decision to cancel the filming rather than surrender to the Turkish authorities’ demand to abstain from this character.

On Thursday, nine months after cancellation, Netflix Spain already featured a Spanish adaptation of “If Only” “Si lo hubiera sabido” by Irma Correa of ​​Spain, who helped adapt Yörenç’s “Fatmagul” to the Spanish TV series “Alba,” Announced. ”Boomerang made it for Atresmedia.

Correa will serve as a consultant by Yorenç, a Spanish adaptation show runner.

A Spanish adaptation of Yörenç’s original Turkish script for “If Only” re-created by Boomerang, Megan Montaner quickly became a major Spanish star after taking a ridiculous police role in “The Hunt.” Monteperdido” is for veterinarians fighting the public broadcast RTVE and the forces of hell on the HBO España banner title “30 Coins” by Alex de la Iglesia.

In “If Only”, Montaner plays 30-year-old Emma, ​​who has been married to Nano for the past 10 years, but is not content with her relationship and family life, a routine lacking romance and excitement. She decides to file for divorce, knowing that if she could turn the clock back, she would not have married him.

On the way to witness a rare lunar eclipse, a supernatural event described as a’time fallacy’ returns her to 10 years, the 30-year-old mind fell to the 20-year-old body, giving her a chance to reflect. You know who she was and want to be and what will happen in the next 10 years.

The Turkish TV scriptwriter Yörenç broke through the primetime series “Fallen Leaves” in 2005, and developed internationally with “Forbidden Love” in 2013, the first Turkish series to be widely reversed outside of Turkey. “Forbidden Love”, “Fatmagul” in 2012 and “Kuzey Güney” in 2011-13 were rated as the most reorganized titles in Turkish TV history.

What stands out in the interview is the co-creative excitement of Ece and Irma and the rise of a new sense of nationality in a more globalized world.

These are written by two producers from different countries, but they are no longer entirely in that country, and they are contributing to a universal conversation about how women can live a better life, or at least try.

“If Only” “shows not only the universality of a good story, but also an alliance between the two female creators,” said Diego Avalos (Spain and Portugal), Netflix’s vice president of original content, “If Only” is “special” and “unique”. Said.

“Ece, internationally known for the great drama series that has left their mark on millions of people in Turkey, will work with Irma, a screenwriter, playwright and actress who won several awards for her work,” he added.

The day before the Netflix preview of the original Spanish production, Variety Talked to Yórenç and Correa about the second chance drama.

Let’s take a look back at the situation where Netflix canceled the Turkish series “If Only”.

Yörenç: Turkish Ministry of Culture reserves the right to cancel the series according to the image of the country. I haven’t used this power before, but for no explicit reason, I applied it to my series. But we know it’s because there are gay characters in the series.

Was it the final decision?

Yörenç: They wanted us to change the script according to the moral norms they expected. However, they did not agree to change the original scenario with Netflix and finally decided to cancel the series. But now I want to focus on projects that are very interesting and give me a lot of energy. I want to forget the past.

Where did the idea for creating a series in Spain come from?

Yörenç: Netflix. We have received many offers from many countries. Netflix España has shown the greatest interest. In addition, Irma worked on the adaptation of the previous series “Alba”.

Spain is different from Turkey. If so, will the screenplay change?

Correa: It’s the same story. This is a Spanish story in Spain. We will keep its essence because it is a universal story. Everyone wants to go back and change something. Doing something we didn’t like or sorry for, or doing something wrong. Our protagonist has the opportunity to travel back and make other decisions. You need to make sure that these changes work well for her.

Will the gay character stand out more? Should I kiss another man? It is natural.

Yörenç: In the original Turkish version, a man and a woman expressed love in a certain way. I am not talking about a specific scene. But two people can buy that love in the same way.

Correa: we can’t say [whether there’s any kissing between gay characters]. What I can say is that we will have all the sensory diversity and strong Turkish flavor… ..

Yörenç: Our story, like the character, is set across four seasons: spring and summer. All characters will live four seasons in their lives.

What is the status of the script? Have you finished the episode?
Correa: We are still working with Ece.

How are you working together?

Yörenç: First of all, Irma read my version. She loved it and decided to adapt. After Irma read the script, Irma fully understood the spirit of the script, but proceeded episode by episode. There were details such as humor or cultural aspects, and I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand them. We focused on these. We have a similar creative mind, so we are very motivated when we work and we worked very hard.

The Turkish series has been highly rated in Latin America. Was the Spanish adaptation designed to make its impact even bigger?

Correa: Spanish version with Spanish crew, our name, culture, humor and city. But like I said, this is a universal story and a story that makes it universal. It will be a universal story created not for a specific audience, but for an audience all over the world.

Yörenç: This is the cause of the celebration. Adapted a different screenplay. [into other languages]. However, having a Turkish scenario produced in Spain is a sign of success. When the filming is over. I will be publishing the screenplay in Turkish for publication.

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