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Kung Fu star Olivia Liang wrestles in it



Kung Fu star Olivia Liang wrestles in it

Even before the full question was asked, Olivia Liang sounds like she was momentarily caught off guard, which is understandable: Little feels as absurd as being asked to explain your Instagram bio. Here, the 27-year-old actress describes herself as a “sewer dumpling”. “Um,” she pauses, then fills the short silence with a welcoming laugh. “I never want to take myself too seriously. And I love dumplings, ”she says. “But I also like to call myself ‘trash goblin’ when I look very rude. Just marry these two things. “

Those who have seen Liang act – a brooding witch with Alyssa Chang’s tragic backstory Heritage or, more recently, San Franciscan martial artist Nicky Shen in the action movie The CW kung Fu, which premiered yesterday (April 8) – know that she understands how hard it is to be between two things. In Nicky, she plays a young Chinese American who compares the high expectations of her parents to a personal desire to chart her own path. When her controlling mother Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tang) forces her to marry, she flees to a monastery in China where she learns hand-to-hand combat. But after the killer kills her teacher (Vanessa Kai), she returns to California to find the killer and reconnect with her family. Meanwhile, when the prophecy of the sacred sword comes true, questions of fate and destiny collide with Nika’s sense of autonomy.

kung Fu is an update to the 1970s TV series of the same name, starring white actor David Carradine with no previous experience in sports as a Shaolin monk wandering the American West. This iteration, led by Lost writer Christina M. Kim hopes to compensate for this insensitivity with a predominantly Asian cast and main character pushing off stunts and kicking ass. And suddenly on the heels of a sharp rise in anti-Asian racism, the timing seems prophetic, if not downright frightening, as the story is inevitably tangled in its viewing. “At first glance, this seems silly, right? To say that somehow we will be part of the change because that seems to be a deeper issue than media and entertainment, ”Liang says. “But in fact, entertainment has shaped many worldviews.”

For Liang, this is a personal role because Niki Shen’s story mirrors her own in many ways. Where the character’s path of self-discovery takes her through mountains, monasteries and back again, Liang’s first on-screen lead role comes after years of prioritizing her acting dreams despite outside expectations. She strives to be herself, including an Instagram bio of Sewer Dumplings.

MTV News: This Version kung Fu This is a reboot of the original 70s show that was a little ahead of your time. What was your relationship with martial arts movies or media?

Olivia Liang: I looked at excerpts from the original after I ordered the role. As you said, it was a little ahead of my time, so as part of my research, I skimmed it over a bit, just to see which elements we respect and retain in our rethinking. I grew up watching Jackie Chan in Peak hour… I reviewed it the other day and it’s a bomb. It is very funny! The fighting is so good. I would take my sister to her taekwondo lessons, but I have no martial arts experience, so my experience of growing up came from a distance and as fun.

MTV News: What part of the battle choreography do you do yourself?

Liang: Little. It is really important for me that we respect art and sports, and that I make our people proud. Really huge wire tricks, this is my amazing stunt double, Megan Hui – she is the one who makes me look so cool. But with my dance education, I can at least pick up the choreography. Fighting on television and in movies is a real dance. So it was really fun to reveal this side of me and train this muscle. I feel so cool and cool.

MTV News: I love high flight and slow motion scenes. The matrix style.

Liang: I begged our stunt team to let me get on the zip line and fly, but they are very afraid that I might get hurt.

MTV News: I believe in you! I feel like this is the next evolution, right?

Liang: Yes, I’ll let them know that Coco said I have to do it.

Kylie Schwerman / The CW

MTV News: How would you describe your character, Nicky Shen? What aspects of it do you relate to?

Liang: She’s a girl who practically lost it. Her mom controlled most of her life. When she finally had this awakening, she did what I think we all will do, which is to run away to the Shaolin monastery in China and really immerse herself in kung fu. Very responsive. And when we pick up, she’s a new woman heading home to San Francisco and she really needs to reconcile this new Nicky with the old Nicky she left behind.

I think this is what many colored people can relate to. There is a dichotomy between our culture and the place where we live, our family history and our immediate environment when we are in America and fight this duality. It was what really struck me about the story we tell about Nicky and the struggles she goes through. And that’s definitely what I feel as an Asian American: I don’t feel either here or there, not quite Asian, but not quite American, and figuring out what that is in between.

MTV News: Family is a big part of the show, not just Nicky’s relationship with her mom, but also with her character Shifu in the beginning. Why do you think this is so?

Liang: Family is the core of this show. It’s so important to just be able to see on TV the close-knit family unit going through what families are going through – financial problems, quarrels, goals and belonging. Having a solid family foundation, truly cementing it and bringing everyone back to their homeland is really important for all the characters in this series. And I’m just glad that any family can see themselves in Sheng.

MTV News: What’s your family like?

Liang: My family is super, very close. My mom and sister are my favorite people all over the world. My mom is an amazing singer, but she didn’t do it professionally. We are a very dense business unit and together we make a lot of decisions. We stick together.

Katie Yu / The CW

MTV News: Nicky’s Shifu has a wonderful quote that she repeats: “You are paving the way that you live.” I think this is something that we all need to discover to some extent. Was this advice appropriate in your life?

Liang: Something that found me so strongly in Nicky is that she realized that she was not following the path she had chosen. He was chosen for her. And I resonate so much with that as an Asian-American woman and have to follow the trajectory my mom set for me to become one of the big three – a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer. While going through college trying to figure this out, I finally thought that I always wanted to be an actor, and I need to do it. And I’m sorry that this is not part of your plan for me, but this is the path I want to go. That’s exactly what I did.

MTV News: Was the conversation difficult or was she supportive? What was the atmosphere like?

Liang: Vibrations were not supported. I have to give my mom some credit, she did become more popular in the last four years, but initially she feared it was unstable. “Will you be okay? Will you be able to live, feed yourself and cover your head with the roof? “I totally understand where the hesitation came from. But yes, it was a very difficult conversation because I sat her down when I was 18 and I said, “I don’t want to go to college. I want to be an actor. ” And she said, “Absolutely not.” Then I had to rearrange it when I was 20 and I was in college, and I thought, “I really want to be an actor. And I’m going to graduate, what you wanted, but now you have to let me do what I want. “

MTV News: And then you got into a professional program at the University of California, Los Angeles, which seems like such a direct shot to the industry.

Liang: Completely. And this was the first time I was surrounded by actors. So I started to build a community and find support from fellow artists who fought alongside me.

MTV News: What role would you consider your breakout?

Liang: Probably when I did it Heritage… I booked it in December 2019 and it happened maybe a year and a half after I graduated from UCLA. I wouldn’t be here without the role of Alyssa Chung. She opened the doors, she brought me to the CW family, and that’s where I live now.

Dean Bushehr / The CW

MTV News: Have you had auditions where you felt like a complete flop?

Liang: My first audition at Heritage was for another character and it was the worst audition of my life. I did not understand at all what I was saying; I felt that the casting director was embarrassed for me. I left that room, like, well, I’ll never see them again. And then fast forward to auditioning for the role of Alyssa Chung, and I had this weird feeling while in the waiting room. Why have I been here before? Oh yes, it was me who was bombed. But the next thought was: I couldn’t be worse than that. So let’s just go there and have some fun

MTV News: What trajectory of Niki Shen’s development can we expect in kung Fu?

Liang: You can expect Niki to really continue to prove herself as a powerful woman, a person who wants to fight for the underdog, really do what’s right, and protect the people around her. After you watch the pilot, a funny mystical element appears and we can see how it evolves a little. Nicky agrees with the suggested path. It is very interesting that you mentioned the quote: “You choose the way you live”, because there is a lot about fate and destiny. When you imagine your destiny and your destiny, does it become a choice?

MTV News: The past few weeks have been particularly harrowing in terms of anti-Asian violence and racism in the United States. At the same time, something so great about this show is the amazing cast of stellar Asian actors. Of course, representation isn’t everything, but what do you think Hollywood’s role can or should be part of the solution to eradicate hate?

Liang: For so long, Asians and Asian Americans have been the subject of jokes, and sometimes we still are. As Qi Ma, who plays my father on the series, said, this show and the media coverage of Asians is a long-term solution because we are invited to people’s homes. I hope they see themselves in the characters we play and see that we are not that different from them. We are not different, we are all human, and we all have a common experience. I think that these small changes in mentality and worldview will lead to macro changes.

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Showdown in Siesta Key: Did Juliet Go “Too Far” in the War with Kelsey?



Showdown in Siesta Key: Did Juliet Go "Too Far" in the War with Kelsey?

Two mistakes usually don’t get it right, but Juliet seems determined to try her hand at an old college.

Tonight’s season premiere saw the queen Siesta key again at odds with Kelsey, still reeling from the “ultimate betrayal” she has committed in the past “ride or die.” Memory upgrade: Kelsey accused Juliet of being with Sam (enter the “new kingdom”) because of his money, giving both to Jules as well as Sam is part of her mind. Even though Kels admitted to the special reunion that she totally “screwed up”, the sworn enemies didn’t quite get ahead.

“I can’t forget that she had lunch with Sam and told him all these things. It was despicable. Kelsey really went crazy with envy, “Juliet confessed to their mutual friend Jo, also calling Kelsey’s new swimwear line” basic. ” “

Jules, who is also launching her own costume collection, then hit below belt bikini line and went after new boyfriend Kelsey Max.

“When we first met Max, he is friends with Kelsey and friends, so they tried to connect me with Max at first,” she shared. “So it always bothered her.”

Dueling guys as well as bikini lines? I think in Siesta key… Fast forward to Amanda’s film screening when Joe cornered Kelsey to “sit down” to paraphrase Juliet’s remarks.

“She said some questionable shit about you,” he said. “She asked about your swimwear line. She talked about Max. I didn’t know that at first it was the thing of Juliet and Max ”.

Needless to say, Kelsey was eviland she quickly corrected him. Then she headed straight for the source.

“Joe brought my attention to the fact that you were talking shit behind my back and bringing my boyfriend into it as well as my swimwear? Did I steal Max from you? ” Kelsey asked Juliet sarcastically. “The strange things that are happening right now, I thought we were going to keep between us. And then you go and talk behind my back and come up with nonsense. ”

Juliet defended her actions, which Kelsey called “child’s play,” before (literally) crying to Madisson.

“I’m tired of people I think I trust, who come after what I care about the most, like my relationship and my business,” she said.

Ever voiced by reason, Madisson immediately noticed that Kelsey sort of “You screwed up with Jules once. I think she feels like you came for her relationship, so she’s like, ‘Here’s some of your medicine, Kelsey.’

Juliet knew she had “gone too far” in her comments about Max, later admitting that she was “still very upset” about Kelsey’s interference with her relationship with Sam.

“I never meant to offend Kelsey, but I think I’ve reached my limit with her,” she said off-screen. “We’ve all evolved and changed as we grew, as did our friendship and our relationship.”

Was Juliet acquitted, or should she try to be a big person? Turn off the sound and then tune in to a brand new release on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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Sophia Wiley “brings a little reality” to the school of good and evil



Sophia Wiley "brings a little reality" to the school of good and evil

“I’m sure this hotel is full of ghosts,” says actress Sophia Wiley about 15 minutes after the call. As we speak, she recently came to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she is filming the Netflix adaptation of Soman Chinani’s beloved fantasy series. School of Good and Evil… In her first film role, she will star alongside seasoned actors such as Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington as Agatha, a brooding young woman with a flair for shapeless black dresses and a bald cat named The Reaper – not the kind of character to be afraid of. ghosts. “My TV just turned on, it’s not scary at all,” adds Wylie. “I will definitely call my parents to come after this.”

Visited hotel rooms or not, work never stops, especially for a Capricorn like Wylie, whose varied pursuits have led her from dancing alongside Justin Bieber to a modeling contract with IMG, a lead agency that also represents Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham. At 17, she is best known for her role as sophomore translator Gina Porter in School Musical: Musical: TV Series, whose second season starts on Friday (May 14); before that, she entered the Disney Channel as the outspoken Buffy Driscoll in Andy Mack… “I think I’ll get bored if I ever settle on one thing,” she says. “I just want to keep growing as much as I can.”

When she’s not acting, modeling, singing, or struggling with the spirit, Wiley is an average teenager trying to earn her high school diploma, decide what’s next, and nail the latest TikTok dance challenge to her sweetheart in her spare time. Blackpink song. Ahead of the season 2 premiere School Musical: Musical: TV SeriesWylie talks to MTV News about how to manage it all and what she brings to her debut feature role.

MTV News: Can you tell me a little about what we can expect from Gina in the second season of the series. School Musical: Musical: TV Series?

Sophia Wiley: Gina is trying to figure out if she will stay in East High. If she does stay, the biggest thing she will have to contend with is who she wants to be in East High now that she is permanently here or here for a longer period of time because she is so used to jumping. She needs to figure out who she wants to be in this new place and who she wants to be with too. She plays. This season I had to play with a lot more actors, which I really enjoyed. And I think a lot of people will love the new dynamic that they are experimenting with this season because it creates a lot of relationship and chaos as a result.

MTV News: Do you also balance school and filming everything?

Wiley: Unfortunately yes. This is the worst. I am so excited that I made it to the finish line. I have a semester and a half left. I’m going to finish a little early and that will be good. I was just really intrigued by the idea of ​​being on set and just focusing on work, because currently I have to focus on work and school, which is not a fun little balancing act.

MTV News: Are you thinking about college or going to work as an actress?

Wiley: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. You are always told that you go to school, you go to another school, then you go to work, then you retire, and this is your life. But I realized that this is not for everyone, and I think that some of the unconventional ways of living simply work better for some people. I think education is very important, but I also want to devote my life to acting as much as possible.

MTV News: You’re Filming Now School of Good and Evil. What can you tell us about the show and your character Agatha?

Wiley: I studied the scenes a lot and tried to understand my character, because we are still in the preparation stage. It’s really cool to take a book and create a whole movie or TV series based on it, because you can bring that character to life. The books have a huge following and so many people love Agatha because of her all-round nature. She is so sarcastic and grumpy, but at the same time she has such a kind heart and soul. That’s what I really loved about her reading the books and reading the script – she has so many layers.

MTV News: What do you hope to bring to the role of Agatha, perhaps from your own life or from your own personality?

Wiley: There is a moment in the books when she realizes that she has always been beautiful. One of her big insecurities is that she seems disgusting and ugly because people treated her as if she had been for most of her life. And I think it’s a great message to know that what’s important is not what is there physically, but how you see yourself. And the way you see yourself radiates, and that creates beauty. This is something that I personally can really relate to, this voice in your head, what power it has. I deal with these doubts and uncertainties. And I think I can really bring some reality to Agatha in that sense, because I know that as a teenage girl it can be very difficult to get over that voice.

MTV News: Are there times when you look back and see that you’ve overcome something like this?

Wiley: I think that a lot of young girls and boys who are like me, mixed, grow up in this world with special standards of beauty that I do not necessarily meet, it can make you just fit into this pattern, change. I definitely did it as a kid when I thought Okay, everyone around me is blonde with straight hair. I need to look like this if I want to be beautiful… Eventually I realized that I had been gifted with something so unique that it was a part of me. Once I realized this, a lot has changed for me. I started ordering so many more jobs because I came to auditions with characteristics of myself that set me apart and make me unique.

MTV News: And now you’ve even signed with IMG Models. What excites you in the fashion and beauty industry?

Wiley: I’ll look at the videos on my iPad that I had when I was 6 years old, and there are only these hour-long fashion shows that I did for myself, these music videos that I made. I’ve always loved fashion and performance. But many people understand how important representation is. I hope that for the next generation, everyone can grow up to see someone who is like them and knowing that they can do it too. Seeing someone who looks like you’ve been successful gives you a lot more confidence. I hope that if I do anything in the fashion industry, acting, singing and dancing, it will let another young mixed girl know that they can do it too.

MTV News: I saw you dancing to the Blackpink song on TikTok. Are there any other K-pop groups you follow?

Wiley: I really like Twice, BTS and Blackpink. One of my favorite things about K-pop is the performing aspect and the fact that each artist has such a unique thing that they bring. I will always teach them dancing at 4 am.

MTV News: What do you do when you procrastinate?

Wiley: I like to read. During the semester, which I was very behind, my mom said, “We can go to Barnes and Noble if you finish your lessons early.” So I try to finish my lessons as quickly as possible and then I think in my head, “Am I really working hard on my schoolwork so I can read later? What have I become? “

MTV News: Of everything you do – modeling, acting, dancing – what’s your biggest passion in all of this?

Wiley: This is a very difficult question, because there were different moments in my life when I would say with confidence that dancing is what I will do for the rest of my life, or acting is what I need. I don’t think I’ll ever want to do one thing. And I always want to be very versatile in the sense that I want to produce one day, want to lead, want to act, want to create a line of clothes, want to be in fashion, want a model. I think I will get bored if I ever settle on one thing. I just want to keep growing as much as I can.

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Miss E … This is how exciting the future of Missy Elliott is unleashed. 20 years later we are still catching up



Miss E ... This is how exciting the future of Missy Elliott is unleashed.  20 years later we are still catching up

Author: Alex Gonzalez

When Missy Elliott entered the studio to record her third album Miss E … so addictive, the bar was already high. Her first album 1997 Supa dupa fly, accompanied by the iconic music videos for Supa Dupa Fly and Sock it 2 Me, in which she danced in outlandish costumes to choreograph cinematic sets in collaboration with visionary director Hype Williams. For sophomore Missy, Yes the real worldWilliams also created the visuals for She’s a Bitch, while Missy’s ongoing creative collaboration with Timbaland has earned her Guinness World Record when “Hot Boyz” lasted 18 weeks and peaked at number one on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

Entering the new millennium with So excitingreleased 20 years ago this week, May 15, 2001, the pressure had to continue. However, Missy told MTV News that the entire behind-the-scenes experience was a “stress-free album.” “We worked at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles and had a good atmosphere there! The atmosphere was very futuristic and retro mixed, ”she said in an email. “It ranged from Dog in Heat and One Minute Man – with an old school vibe – to Get Ur Freak On and Slap! “. Slap! Slap !, ‘where the sounds were futuristic, so it was a great musical cocktail. “

The sound and mood album and accompanying video clips are still ahead of their time. During the recording, Missy conceived the idea of ​​creating music that listeners not only hear, but also feel. On the album’s title single, “Get Ur Freak On,” Missy raps “Me and Timbaland Have Been Hot 20 Years Ago,” a phrase that has gained even more resonance two decades later.

“When we’re in the studio together, she takes me to the next level,” Timbaland told MTV News. “So exciting was a very impressive album. And that was very important to her because she wanted every song and every visual to be different from each other. Every album she makes, she always repeats: “I have to be better than the previous one.”

Although it was released as the project’s lead single, “Get Ur Freak On” was actually the last track Missy recorded for. So exciting… Timbaland insisted that the album be solid and complete, but Missy insisted on one more song. “He moved up and down the keyboard, and finally I heard the sound“ Get Ur Freak On ”and said,“ Hey, this is right now – this is crazy! Missy said in an email. “So, I ran into a booth with only three sounds recorded. It was not the song the world knows now, but I went in and read it, and when I left the booth, Tim said, “This is crazy.” Looks like he wasn’t mad at me anymore! “

“Get Ur Freak On”, with its infectious Punjabi melody, came from “just vibration in the studio,” Timbaland says.

“When I found this sound, I thought, oh, it sounds like India, or oh, it looks like Bombay,” Timbaland said. “And when they ask me:“ What were you thinking? “I like everything you think about. I was looking for something that could take me to a place where I have never been … It’s like playing a video game. Sometimes you pause. You come the next day and see that everything is different. It’s the same with creativity. That’s how Missy and I are. This is how we create. “

Timbaland admits that he never watches Missy record her songs as Missy prefers to play solo in her zone. It’s the same with her music videos. Thus, Timbaland, who appears in several videos with her, was kept in the dark about the concepts that Missy presented until the very days of filming.

The cameo music video for “Get Ur Freak On” was equally popular, with Missy rolling through the jungle while dancers swayed from the trees around her. This was her first collaboration with Dave Meyers, who quickly became her full-time visual designer for the next 20 years. Towards the end of the clip, Missy sways from a chandelier, an element that barely made it into the video.

“Whatever I imagine, [Meyers] “, – wrote Missy in an email.” I said at the last minute that I want to have a chandelier in my video, and he said, ‘Okay!’ I said, but I want it to be big oversized … and he said : “Okay!” He said, “Someone go find Missy a chandelier so she can hang,” and Gina Harrell from the label’s video department said, “But we have more budget,” and Dave said, “But we need it, so let’s find it. I don’t even know how much this item costs, but I probably still pay for it. “

Missy’s other visual star, alongside Missy herself, was Trina, who appears in Get Ur Freak On and raps on the One Minute Man remix. They first met in 2000 during spring break in Daytona Beach. At the time, Trina was in awe of the release of her debut album, Yeah the baddest bitch… Missy hired a rapper from Miami to appear on her own LP.

Mona [Scott-Young, Missy’s then-manager,] turned to me and said, “Hey, Missy has this record for you. She wants you to jump on her with Ludacris, ”Trina recalled. “I was thrilled. Then Missy called me about a week after that:“ Mona said she sent you this, I want to make sure you feel it. ”I remember being a little sick at the time. I have a cold. had to pass it, I think, that day or the next day, and I thought, oh god, I want to collect my voice. I didn’t have time, I had a deadline. So I had to do it in a raspy voice that sounded very hoarse. And I thought, oh, I hate my voice. And everyone said, “We like it, we like it.”

In the video for “One Minute Man,” Missy dances in a luxury hotel with colorful rooms, inflatable beds, and even defies gravity in a dojo. In a particularly memorable scene, she lifts her head from her neck and continues to sing. Trina said that she was a fan of Missy from the beginning of her career, but remembers being shocked by the video for “She’s a Bitch”. When it came time to shoot her for the video for “One Minute Man,” she had no idea what to expect.

“She just said, ‘I’m filming my video. I need you to be in Los Angeles. Mona will give your manager all the information, ”said Trina. “Everything will be there. All you have to do is show up. ” She didn’t give me any details, nothing. So imagine me, I’m new to the game, I settled on her video and it looks like a museum because the dancers are hanging from the wall, there is face paint, and there is a large bed and it moves up and down. It was just the next level. It was like shooting a movie. “

Beyond the instantly iconic music videos, the album’s futuristic sound made it a whole new experience. With Timbaland and Missy collaborating on new, forward-thinking beats and sound patterns, Missy earned her first Grammy; “Get Ur Freak On” won the award for Best Rap Solo Performance and Scream aka Itchin ‘received the award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance.

But immortalizing these fresh sounds was no easy task. Before the advent of digital software Pro Tools and FL Studio, Missy and Timbaland recorded vocals and instrumental parts on large tapes called drums, which Missy described as a “headache” to use.

“They required more work,” says Timbaland. “You take the tape, insert the tape and have to align it. And then the engineer had to run to work the tape recorder, and then run back to change the tape and fix the tape … We were at a time when our brain was working faster than what the world does. “

And to this day, Miss E … so addictive remains one of Missy’s most revered albums. Since then, her artful looks have earned her the 2019 MTV Video Vanguard Award – “I’ve worked hard for over two decades and never thought I’d be standing here receiving this award,” she said in her agreement – and six-bit the melody “Get Ur Freak On” is one of the most recognizable sounds in pop music.

Outside of her own music, Missy’s play with the pen is inviolable. In 2002, she collaborated with Trina again to produce “No Panties”, the lead single from her second album. Diamond princess… She also wrote and produced tracks for Maya, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and others.

But So exciting reflects Missy’s ambitions not only as a musician but also as an artist. “There were no boundaries when it came to my artistry and music,” she said in an email. “I did what I liked, not what was the trend – so if you didn’t follow the trends, you were essentially breaking boundaries.”

“It’s all about the Missy era,” Trina said. “It was sound, it was collaboration, it was video, creativity, space performances. That was all she gave to the game. I don’t think there are artists in the game who are as creative as Missy Elliott. I feel like she is a genius and deserves all her colors. “

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