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Moby Tweets: If Everyone Was Vegan There Would Be No Pandemics




Controversy brews as musician/singer-songwriter Moby tweets about the pandemic.

“A reminder: in a vegan world there would be no pandemics. 100% of pandemics are zoonotic in origin. #veganforlife.”


It is undeniably true that our interactions with animals significantly impact over whether or not diseases occur. However, the question is generally not about the animal’s actual consumption. Rather it is how we live and also how the animal ultimately ends up on our table.

Although it’s easy to ignore his comments as the opinion of a star on a topic for which he has little experience. Regardless, it’s fair to wonder if our interaction with animals could be leading to pandemics.

Then again, our latest pandemic is thought to be the result of a virus that spread from a creature to us, quite probably a bat.

Since humans are just one of the many creatures on the planet, we will eventually come into contact with animals. There are a variety of illnesses that are particularly dangerous but have little to do with consuming animals.

Malaria, for instance, is spread by mosquitos, or Lyme disease, which is spread by ticks through deer to humans.

If We All Go Vegan = No More Disease?

Unfortunately, the above claim is not completely correct. Yes, meat consumption is to blame for the latest pandemic.

What concerns more than eating animals, though, is how we engage with them. Before a pathogen could become a pandemic in humans, it must resolve a variety of obstacles. It must be able to easily leap from an animal to a human. It must induce some sort of disease while inside a person. The illness must be infectious.

Humans have eaten meat since they discovered how to prepare it. However, there have only been a few significant pandemic events in the past. Nonetheless, the infections were caused by the way of life, not by consuming the poultry.

London Crowd

City Lifestyle

Today, our society is constricted into small spaces. We are living in big cities, close to each other. Just remember the last time you went Christmas shopping before the pandemic. Weren’t their people everywhere? Shoulder to shoulder, browsing through endless rows of consumer items.

Although our hygiene standards have improved a lot through the ages, this style of living is extremely helpful for pandemics. Airborne particles could easily transmit from human to human. Not just airborne, diseases from any materials and surfaces can get into your body.

Just think about it, when you go into a shopping mall, browse through all the items, then sit down for some fast food. How many people around you sanitize their hands before eating? Well, today a lot, but BEFORE this pandemic? I don’t recall many.

Other Reasons to Go Vegan

There is no clear link between eating meats and pandemics. Sure it can happen, but so did the Black Plague. The latter was due to the incredibly poor hygiene standards and people living in city slums.

What we can, and should do is change the way we keep animals. More and more companies are changing the how they treat livestock. However, the biggest producers are still handling animals as they were objects. Tiny spaces, no daylight, only food until they go to the slaughterhouse. This is what we as a society need to think about. Eating meat and responsible livestock keeping can go hand in hand.

If you want to go Vegan, we won’t tell you not to. There are a ton of other benefits for both you and the environment. However, if you would go vegan only to stop pandemics, maybe just think it trough one more time.


5 COVID Friendly Virtual Social Meet Ideas



Social Distancing

It’s been more than one full year since most of the world has entered lockdown. Ever since, we’ve been living in the state of slow-reopen, quick lockdown again on repeat. Honestly, it feels almost impossible to get meetings with friends.

If you are like us, you are missing out on social life. But also, you might be worried about getting the virus. Vaccine rollout is great, but it’s still some months until we can finally be free. Here are 5 tips on how to meet your friends in these crazy times.

Zoom Drinking Party

The simplest one. Pick a time, maybe do an event on Facebook so everyone remembers. All of you need to go out beforehand and get some drinks ready. You got your drinks, got zoom, and the event is about to start.

Once you enter the meeting room, you will have all your friends in one place. You guys can start sipping your drinks, talking to each other, and having fun. We have to admit it’s weird at first. There is some getting used to this form of communication. Usually, it’s only possible to speak one-by-one.

Today, we are through quite a lot of these virtual social gatherings. Yes, it’s not like meeting in real life, but it’s better than nothing. We’ve got used to the format, and we are pros at drinking together, yet apart.

Zoom Party

Play some Among Us!

Videogame, Among Us!, has gathered quite a following these days. It’s safe to say, that the whole COVID craze only added to the already big following. Today it’s super popular and even politicians play it.

It’s the perfect game to play together. Accusations, lies, co-operation. Literally has everything that real-life does compress into a short burst. Laughter and happiness are guaranteed.

Cooking Show

Arrange a cooking show! Everyone has their own favorite recipe, that they can make well. Let’s be honest, we all love to show off our amazing cooking skills. This is the opportunity.

Each gathering, take turns on who will lead. The person leading, will show and cook the recipe, while the others will cook it by following. It’s fun! Everyone will have their turn to teach some great meals to friends, and you will have a great end product to enjoy.

Zoom Cooking

Quiz Party

Similar to the ‘Cooking Show’ you will have to take turns on this one. At each meeting, someone will provide the quiz. You can have themed quizzes like ‘action movies’ or general trivia as well. To make it even more interesting, implement a scoring system to keep track between rounds, and have an end winner.

You can go old fashioned and say the questions out loud, while others write their answers on a piece of paper. Another way is to use something like Kahoot! where everyone joins on their smartphones. Honestly, while Kahoot! is great, it’s also fast-paced. It can take out the humor and reactions from a well-thought-out quiz, as people simply won’t have time to react and discuss questions.

Watch Sporting Events Together

One of the fun things we like to do is starting a group call when sporting events start. We grab our usual snacks and drinks and make sure that we have everyone on the phone.

During the game, we talk and discuss whatever is happening on the screen. At times people like to join, even if they are not watching. It’s great banter and good for your social life. One funny thing that always happens is unsynchronized TV. Some people will already cheer on what’s happening on their screen, while your display lags behind some seconds.

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Pippy Pants: Pants that have socks sewed onto them



Pippy Pants

I admit some people come up with the weirdest stuff. This is such a product. Pants for kids, that have the socks attached. It is supposedly good because the socks are not lost this way.

The woman behind this idea is Katy Prushiek. She is an entrepreneur and mother at once. Her experience as a mother inspired her to create this product. Her young son has always struggled with the socks. They just wanted to fall off. Fear no more. Meet Pippy Pants.

This all in one pair of pants. It’s pants. But it’s also socks. The design makes it impossible to lose the socks. It’s also a closed design, so no cold will get through at the bottom of the pants. When Katy created this product, she has spent a good time making it fashionable. Pippy Pants are trendy and they look great. Durability was also a great concern. When making Pippy Pants, only the best materials are used. This ensures great durability and longevity of the product.

If I’m honest, I doubt that the product will catch on. We will have to see how this plays out, but for me, the whole socks situation seems like a non-issue.

Cover image courtesy of

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4 Useful Tips to Easy Stress and Anxiety



Stressed out

Every person is feeling increased levels of stress and anxiety as the amount of strain in their lives rises. The estrogen and hormones coursing through our bodies will have a huge effect on our anxiety and stress rates.

This may induce nausea, palpitations, and a number of other uncomfortable symptoms that leave you feeling nervous. Allowing your mind and body to connect is the only way to alleviate this, as there is no reason to be trapped by these obstacles.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine, which can be present in both tea and coffee, has been shown to raise tensions. Different individuals have different tolerance levels for different amounts of quantity. Make sure the caffeine level should not exceed the recommended amount.

It can also be harmful to your health if you consume more than you should. Anything in balance is good, and controlling your caffeine intake will help you see a change in your stress levels. If you’re a coffee addict who still suffers from depression and anxiety, it’s time to take a break from the caffeine.

Sleep Well

Sleeping patterns have a big influence on the quantity of stress and anxiety that an individual may feel. Your body can become absolutely drained as a result, making you feel slow and lazy. Regulating sleeping habits is the most effective way to combat it.

Make absolutely sure you get enough sleep every night as part of your daily routine. Once you wake up from a good night’s sleep, the brain is in better shape to function. Most of the time, it leaves you safe and stress-free. It gives you energy boosters so you can take care of your fear one move at a time.

Exercise is good

Try Exercise

This is something we’ve known for a long time. Exercising causes the body to release feel-good hormones that increase your mindset and relieve tension in your mind. To do this, you don’t need to waste hours at the gym.

To hold anxiety at bay, begin by spending twenty to thirty minutes a day on some kind of physical exercise. Exercise raises levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate, which helps people feel less anxious and depressed. Do you have a lot of anxiety? Simply put on your shoes and go for a walk to feel better!

Quality Alone Time

That is what we seldom do, and we seldom give it proper consideration. This will assist you in gathering your ideas and ensuring that they are directed in a certain direction.

Grab a sheet of paper and write down whatever is on your mind every now and then. It may be beneficial or harmful; just write it down. Then take some time to think about it and work out what caused those feelings. This is a brilliant way to examine the method and figure out ways to avoid negative stress-inducing feelings.

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