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Why does OG’s Tyler, a teenage mom, stay away from Carly’s parents



Why does OG's Tyler, a teenage mom, stay away from Carly's parents

Katilynn and Tyler haven’t seen their little girl Carly in two years, and tonight’s new OG Teen Mom In this episode, the longtime couple talked about their current situation with their 12-year-old and how all conversations need to be coordinated through her parents Brandon and Teresa.

“It is difficult because I feel that [Brandon and Teresa] don’t want us to get too involved, ” Kate told her longtime adoption consultant Dawn about Carly’s FaceTiming. “Perhaps they sometimes think that space is the best.”

Dawn emphasized that such a relationship is ineffective, and Kate and Tyler have a responsibility to “ask.”

“You have to go into this space and just try to start communication so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming,” Dawn said. “Because that’s what it looks like right now. There is a child whom you both love very much. Everyone knows their relationship status now, but in order to build a relationship with Carly as a person and as a person, it will help to demand that you two get out of your comfort zone. “

Kate took action after the meeting and texted Teresa about Carly’s purchase of a digital photo frame, and Teresa was receptive. But Tyler had a much harder time making contact.

“I think it bothers you that you can’t be the real, the real me without fear … they’ll be hurt or hurt,” Kate said, noting that the way Tyler communicates can be “loud.”

“It got me in trouble,” he replied. “I feel like every time I interfere, things go wrong. I think that’s why I find it the hardest … I feel that if I don’t tame, I risk my relationship with my daughter. “

He continued, “I guess I never wanted anything to hang over my head – where if I didn’t act right, something would be taken. Nothing was even that important to me … it’s the only thing I’ve ever had that was like, “Oh no, no, no.” Damn, I’m damn vulnerable. “

Kate confirmed his feelings and said that his fears are “understandable” as a biological parent. However, her attempts to involve Tyler (the beginning of a new text with Tyler included) did not change anything.

“I should probably say something,” he told Kate, to which she simply replied, “Yes, you should.”

But in the end he decided, “I think it’s safer not to do this. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I’m fine. I do not know what else to say”.

Will Tyler change his mind, or will he maintain his position by letting Kate do the outreach? Offer your comments and don’t miss the season finale OG Teen Mom next Tuesday at 8 / 7c.

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Sophia Wiley “brings a little reality” to the school of good and evil



Sophia Wiley "brings a little reality" to the school of good and evil

“I’m sure this hotel is full of ghosts,” says actress Sophia Wiley about 15 minutes after the call. As we speak, she recently came to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she is filming the Netflix adaptation of Soman Chinani’s beloved fantasy series. School of Good and Evil… In her first film role, she will star alongside seasoned actors such as Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington as Agatha, a brooding young woman with a flair for shapeless black dresses and a bald cat named The Reaper – not the kind of character to be afraid of. ghosts. “My TV just turned on, it’s not scary at all,” adds Wylie. “I will definitely call my parents to come after this.”

Visited hotel rooms or not, work never stops, especially for a Capricorn like Wylie, whose varied pursuits have led her from dancing alongside Justin Bieber to a modeling contract with IMG, a lead agency that also represents Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham. At 17, she is best known for her role as sophomore translator Gina Porter in School Musical: Musical: TV Series, whose second season starts on Friday (May 14); before that, she entered the Disney Channel as the outspoken Buffy Driscoll in Andy Mack… “I think I’ll get bored if I ever settle on one thing,” she says. “I just want to keep growing as much as I can.”

When she’s not acting, modeling, singing, or struggling with the spirit, Wiley is an average teenager trying to earn her high school diploma, decide what’s next, and nail the latest TikTok dance challenge to her sweetheart in her spare time. Blackpink song. Ahead of the season 2 premiere School Musical: Musical: TV SeriesWylie talks to MTV News about how to manage it all and what she brings to her debut feature role.

MTV News: Can you tell me a little about what we can expect from Gina in the second season of the series. School Musical: Musical: TV Series?

Sophia Wiley: Gina is trying to figure out if she will stay in East High. If she does stay, the biggest thing she will have to contend with is who she wants to be in East High now that she is permanently here or here for a longer period of time because she is so used to jumping. She needs to figure out who she wants to be in this new place and who she wants to be with too. She plays. This season I had to play with a lot more actors, which I really enjoyed. And I think a lot of people will love the new dynamic that they are experimenting with this season because it creates a lot of relationship and chaos as a result.

MTV News: Do you also balance school and filming everything?

Wiley: Unfortunately yes. This is the worst. I am so excited that I made it to the finish line. I have a semester and a half left. I’m going to finish a little early and that will be good. I was just really intrigued by the idea of ​​being on set and just focusing on work, because currently I have to focus on work and school, which is not a fun little balancing act.

MTV News: Are you thinking about college or going to work as an actress?

Wiley: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. You are always told that you go to school, you go to another school, then you go to work, then you retire, and this is your life. But I realized that this is not for everyone, and I think that some of the unconventional ways of living simply work better for some people. I think education is very important, but I also want to devote my life to acting as much as possible.

MTV News: You’re Filming Now School of Good and Evil. What can you tell us about the show and your character Agatha?

Wiley: I studied the scenes a lot and tried to understand my character, because we are still in the preparation stage. It’s really cool to take a book and create a whole movie or TV series based on it, because you can bring that character to life. The books have a huge following and so many people love Agatha because of her all-round nature. She is so sarcastic and grumpy, but at the same time she has such a kind heart and soul. That’s what I really loved about her reading the books and reading the script – she has so many layers.

MTV News: What do you hope to bring to the role of Agatha, perhaps from your own life or from your own personality?

Wiley: There is a moment in the books when she realizes that she has always been beautiful. One of her big insecurities is that she seems disgusting and ugly because people treated her as if she had been for most of her life. And I think it’s a great message to know that what’s important is not what is there physically, but how you see yourself. And the way you see yourself radiates, and that creates beauty. This is something that I personally can really relate to, this voice in your head, what power it has. I deal with these doubts and uncertainties. And I think I can really bring some reality to Agatha in that sense, because I know that as a teenage girl it can be very difficult to get over that voice.

MTV News: Are there times when you look back and see that you’ve overcome something like this?

Wiley: I think that a lot of young girls and boys who are like me, mixed, grow up in this world with special standards of beauty that I do not necessarily meet, it can make you just fit into this pattern, change. I definitely did it as a kid when I thought Okay, everyone around me is blonde with straight hair. I need to look like this if I want to be beautiful… Eventually I realized that I had been gifted with something so unique that it was a part of me. Once I realized this, a lot has changed for me. I started ordering so many more jobs because I came to auditions with characteristics of myself that set me apart and make me unique.

MTV News: And now you’ve even signed with IMG Models. What excites you in the fashion and beauty industry?

Wiley: I’ll look at the videos on my iPad that I had when I was 6 years old, and there are only these hour-long fashion shows that I did for myself, these music videos that I made. I’ve always loved fashion and performance. But many people understand how important representation is. I hope that for the next generation, everyone can grow up to see someone who is like them and knowing that they can do it too. Seeing someone who looks like you’ve been successful gives you a lot more confidence. I hope that if I do anything in the fashion industry, acting, singing and dancing, it will let another young mixed girl know that they can do it too.

MTV News: I saw you dancing to the Blackpink song on TikTok. Are there any other K-pop groups you follow?

Wiley: I really like Twice, BTS and Blackpink. One of my favorite things about K-pop is the performing aspect and the fact that each artist has such a unique thing that they bring. I will always teach them dancing at 4 am.

MTV News: What do you do when you procrastinate?

Wiley: I like to read. During the semester, which I was very behind, my mom said, “We can go to Barnes and Noble if you finish your lessons early.” So I try to finish my lessons as quickly as possible and then I think in my head, “Am I really working hard on my schoolwork so I can read later? What have I become? “

MTV News: Of everything you do – modeling, acting, dancing – what’s your biggest passion in all of this?

Wiley: This is a very difficult question, because there were different moments in my life when I would say with confidence that dancing is what I will do for the rest of my life, or acting is what I need. I don’t think I’ll ever want to do one thing. And I always want to be very versatile in the sense that I want to produce one day, want to lead, want to act, want to create a line of clothes, want to be in fashion, want a model. I think I will get bored if I ever settle on one thing. I just want to keep growing as much as I can.

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Miss E … This is how exciting the future of Missy Elliott is unleashed. 20 years later we are still catching up



Miss E ... This is how exciting the future of Missy Elliott is unleashed.  20 years later we are still catching up

Author: Alex Gonzalez

When Missy Elliott entered the studio to record her third album Miss E … so addictive, the bar was already high. Her first album 1997 Supa dupa fly, accompanied by the iconic music videos for Supa Dupa Fly and Sock it 2 Me, in which she danced in outlandish costumes to choreograph cinematic sets in collaboration with visionary director Hype Williams. For sophomore Missy, Yes the real worldWilliams also created the visuals for She’s a Bitch, while Missy’s ongoing creative collaboration with Timbaland has earned her Guinness World Record when “Hot Boyz” lasted 18 weeks and peaked at number one on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

Entering the new millennium with So excitingreleased 20 years ago this week, May 15, 2001, the pressure had to continue. However, Missy told MTV News that the entire behind-the-scenes experience was a “stress-free album.” “We worked at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles and had a good atmosphere there! The atmosphere was very futuristic and retro mixed, ”she said in an email. “It ranged from Dog in Heat and One Minute Man – with an old school vibe – to Get Ur Freak On and Slap! “. Slap! Slap !, ‘where the sounds were futuristic, so it was a great musical cocktail. “

The sound and mood album and accompanying video clips are still ahead of their time. During the recording, Missy conceived the idea of ​​creating music that listeners not only hear, but also feel. On the album’s title single, “Get Ur Freak On,” Missy raps “Me and Timbaland Have Been Hot 20 Years Ago,” a phrase that has gained even more resonance two decades later.

“When we’re in the studio together, she takes me to the next level,” Timbaland told MTV News. “So exciting was a very impressive album. And that was very important to her because she wanted every song and every visual to be different from each other. Every album she makes, she always repeats: “I have to be better than the previous one.”

Although it was released as the project’s lead single, “Get Ur Freak On” was actually the last track Missy recorded for. So exciting… Timbaland insisted that the album be solid and complete, but Missy insisted on one more song. “He moved up and down the keyboard, and finally I heard the sound“ Get Ur Freak On ”and said,“ Hey, this is right now – this is crazy! Missy said in an email. “So, I ran into a booth with only three sounds recorded. It was not the song the world knows now, but I went in and read it, and when I left the booth, Tim said, “This is crazy.” Looks like he wasn’t mad at me anymore! “

“Get Ur Freak On”, with its infectious Punjabi melody, came from “just vibration in the studio,” Timbaland says.

“When I found this sound, I thought, oh, it sounds like India, or oh, it looks like Bombay,” Timbaland said. “And when they ask me:“ What were you thinking? “I like everything you think about. I was looking for something that could take me to a place where I have never been … It’s like playing a video game. Sometimes you pause. You come the next day and see that everything is different. It’s the same with creativity. That’s how Missy and I are. This is how we create. “

Timbaland admits that he never watches Missy record her songs as Missy prefers to play solo in her zone. It’s the same with her music videos. Thus, Timbaland, who appears in several videos with her, was kept in the dark about the concepts that Missy presented until the very days of filming.

The cameo music video for “Get Ur Freak On” was equally popular, with Missy rolling through the jungle while dancers swayed from the trees around her. This was her first collaboration with Dave Meyers, who quickly became her full-time visual designer for the next 20 years. Towards the end of the clip, Missy sways from a chandelier, an element that barely made it into the video.

“Whatever I imagine, [Meyers] “, – wrote Missy in an email.” I said at the last minute that I want to have a chandelier in my video, and he said, ‘Okay!’ I said, but I want it to be big oversized … and he said : “Okay!” He said, “Someone go find Missy a chandelier so she can hang,” and Gina Harrell from the label’s video department said, “But we have more budget,” and Dave said, “But we need it, so let’s find it. I don’t even know how much this item costs, but I probably still pay for it. “

Missy’s other visual star, alongside Missy herself, was Trina, who appears in Get Ur Freak On and raps on the One Minute Man remix. They first met in 2000 during spring break in Daytona Beach. At the time, Trina was in awe of the release of her debut album, Yeah the baddest bitch… Missy hired a rapper from Miami to appear on her own LP.

Mona [Scott-Young, Missy’s then-manager,] turned to me and said, “Hey, Missy has this record for you. She wants you to jump on her with Ludacris, ”Trina recalled. “I was thrilled. Then Missy called me about a week after that:“ Mona said she sent you this, I want to make sure you feel it. ”I remember being a little sick at the time. I have a cold. had to pass it, I think, that day or the next day, and I thought, oh god, I want to collect my voice. I didn’t have time, I had a deadline. So I had to do it in a raspy voice that sounded very hoarse. And I thought, oh, I hate my voice. And everyone said, “We like it, we like it.”

In the video for “One Minute Man,” Missy dances in a luxury hotel with colorful rooms, inflatable beds, and even defies gravity in a dojo. In a particularly memorable scene, she lifts her head from her neck and continues to sing. Trina said that she was a fan of Missy from the beginning of her career, but remembers being shocked by the video for “She’s a Bitch”. When it came time to shoot her for the video for “One Minute Man,” she had no idea what to expect.

“She just said, ‘I’m filming my video. I need you to be in Los Angeles. Mona will give your manager all the information, ”said Trina. “Everything will be there. All you have to do is show up. ” She didn’t give me any details, nothing. So imagine me, I’m new to the game, I settled on her video and it looks like a museum because the dancers are hanging from the wall, there is face paint, and there is a large bed and it moves up and down. It was just the next level. It was like shooting a movie. “

Beyond the instantly iconic music videos, the album’s futuristic sound made it a whole new experience. With Timbaland and Missy collaborating on new, forward-thinking beats and sound patterns, Missy earned her first Grammy; “Get Ur Freak On” won the award for Best Rap Solo Performance and Scream aka Itchin ‘received the award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance.

But immortalizing these fresh sounds was no easy task. Before the advent of digital software Pro Tools and FL Studio, Missy and Timbaland recorded vocals and instrumental parts on large tapes called drums, which Missy described as a “headache” to use.

“They required more work,” says Timbaland. “You take the tape, insert the tape and have to align it. And then the engineer had to run to work the tape recorder, and then run back to change the tape and fix the tape … We were at a time when our brain was working faster than what the world does. “

And to this day, Miss E … so addictive remains one of Missy’s most revered albums. Since then, her artful looks have earned her the 2019 MTV Video Vanguard Award – “I’ve worked hard for over two decades and never thought I’d be standing here receiving this award,” she said in her agreement – and six-bit the melody “Get Ur Freak On” is one of the most recognizable sounds in pop music.

Outside of her own music, Missy’s play with the pen is inviolable. In 2002, she collaborated with Trina again to produce “No Panties”, the lead single from her second album. Diamond princess… She also wrote and produced tracks for Maya, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and others.

But So exciting reflects Missy’s ambitions not only as a musician but also as an artist. “There were no boundaries when it came to my artistry and music,” she said in an email. “I did what I liked, not what was the trend – so if you didn’t follow the trends, you were essentially breaking boundaries.”

“It’s all about the Missy era,” Trina said. “It was sound, it was collaboration, it was video, creativity, space performances. That was all she gave to the game. I don’t think there are artists in the game who are as creative as Missy Elliott. I feel like she is a genius and deserves all her colors. “

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‘I let her down’: Briana makes a sobering young mom 2 confession about Stella



'I let her down': Briana makes a sobering young mom 2 confession about Stella

Briana says she “doesn’t know what to do anymore” with Luis. Context: during tonight Teen Mom 2 In this episode, Stella’s father contacted a young mother about meeting their three-year-old daughter. But when it came time to meet, after Briana gave the details of the walk in the trampoline park, Louis did not show up.

“He said he slept and hadn’t slept for the last three days,” Briana told Roxane after the girls returned home (reading text messages from her ex). “He said sorry. I said, “I don’t need an apology – you have to apologize to Stella because she asked you to.”

Louis admitted that he wanted to come up with a plan to spend more time with Stella because he recently took over a local position. He also said he wanted a closer relationship with his little girl, but Briana did not respond.

Roxanne said, “The fact that he slept is the worst excuse anyone can give to anyone.”

In private, Briana expressed her deep disappointment and sadness about the situation.

“I feel like I’m trying to protect Stella and show her as much love as possible,” Briana said during a diary entry. “It’s just hard to see Nova with her dad and then Stella not with her dad. I know Stella doesn’t understand now, but later, when she gets older, she will. What should I tell her? “

She continued, “It’s really hard for Mom. I feel guilty for bringing her into this world and that she cannot test both parents. I feel like I let her down. I let her down, and I knew this was going to happen. and I let her down. “

Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday to see if Louis is really spending more time with Stella.

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